How To

Angler Sign Up

This video will show you how to create an angler account, verify the account, and sign electronic documents.

Boat Captain Sign Up

This video will show you how to create a boat captain account, verify the account, sign electronic documents, and upload your safe sport certificate.

Angler Re-enrollment

This video will show you how to re-enroll your angler account for the new season.

Angler Membership Payment

This video will show you how to pay for angler membership. You will be able to register for tournaments once membership is paid.

Boat Captain Re-enrollment

This video will show you how to re-enroll your boat captain account for the new season.

High School Admin Tournament Multi-Pay

This video will show you how to pay for multiple angler's tournament fees as a highschool admin.

High School Admin Membership Multi-Pay

This video will show you how to pay for multiple angler's membership fees as a highschool admin.

General Q&A

What is Boat captain side pot?

Boat captains can compete against each other in all of the regular season tournaments. The prize is a 50/50 cash pot. There is a $20 entry fee and the captain weighing in the single largest, legal bass wins half the pot and the other half is awarded in the form of a scholarship. The captain’s catch MUST be kept separate from the students’ catch.

How do you sign up and Pay for Boat Captain Side Pot?

Payment and sign up are done at registration for that tournament Friday or Saturday before the start fish time.

What are the Membership Fees?

THSBA season membership is $60 per student. If a membership fee is paid by credit card a surcharge fee will be applied to the transaction for the same amount charged to the THSBA by the Credit Card Company.

What is the registration or tournament fee?

The entry fee for all THSBA open tournaments is $60 per team represented with no more than two student anglers. If a tournament fee is paid by credit card a surcharge fee will be applied to the transaction for the same amount charged to the THSBA by the Credit Card Company.

What is a check in or registration before the event?

All teams must check in before all events. This is where each team will be assigned a number and pick up their wristbands.

What is a tournament wristband?

It is wristband that is picked up at check-in. It is to be worn by the angler during the tournament. It will then be turned in at the weight in. It will have a boat number on the band so we can keep track of each team.

What is a Trailering Tournament?

All THSBA events are Trailering tournaments. The means that anglers can use any ramp on the lake to launch their boat during tournament day. They can also use more then one ramp during the day.

What are the times of Fishing?

Each event will have a start and stop fish time. This will determine the amount of time each tournament the anglers can fish. It will be different at most events and listed on the tournament information page.

What is a weigh in?

This refers to the event and also the location where teams present their catch to be weighed and measured at the end of the tournament. All events will have a set weigh-in location (tournament headquarters). This is where the THSBA trailer and tournament directors will be during tournament hours, getting the scales, tanks, and computer ready for student anglers’ arrival. Team advisors, parents, and fans set up tents & lawn chairs in the area to the front of the THSBA stage to watch the weigh-in. It is important that the boundaries set and marked by the tournament directors be respected as they are set up for the safety of all who attend. These areas could be marked with flagging material, cones, caution tape, etc. It is also important to respect other team advisors or parents who want to take pictures at the front of the stage.

What is a Bump Man?

This is the person at the tanks who will measure the fish the students present to be weighed. He/she will determine of the fish are alive or dead (1/2 lb. penalty) and whether they meet the minimum length requirement (1 lb. penalty AND loss of fish if too short).

How do I check my fish before the Bump Man?

You will use the Courtesy Board. This is a measuring device that is just like the one the bump man will use. It is provided so that any student angler who is not certain that their fish is/are legal may check them PRIOR to turning them over to the bump official. This could potentially save the team a penalty as they could release the fish back into the lake or to the live-release tank.

What are the Holding Tanks?

There are a series of tanks set up to hold the teams’ fish prior to coming to the stage for weigh-in. The first set has air lines. The team comes to the tanks with their fish in a plastic bag. They place this bag into the water tank and insert one of the air lines into their bag to help aerate the water for their fish. Once they get to the bump man, he places the fish in a mesh, breathable bag and they go into the next set of tanks. These tanks are aerated, and the tubing is tied down and is sufficient for all bags to share.

Where and what are weight in bags?

The bags will be located under the weight in / check in flag. There are 25 plastic sponsor bags and 25 THSBA logo mesh bags. The reason we ask teams to wait their turn for these bags that are provided on site is to limit the number of teams that can be at the tanks at one time. There is simply not enough room to have more than 25 teams in each set of tanks. This jeopardizes fish health and safety and the teams run the risk of their fish dying while in the weigh-in line. Fish are safer if they are in the aerated live well of the boat rather than in a bottle neck situation at the weigh-in lines. Best practice is to send one team member to check-in and wait for a weigh-in bag while the other team member waits at the boat with the fish.

What and where do we check in after fishing?

ALL teams MUST come to the check-in/weigh-in table after the tournament. This table will be marked with a tall flag banner that reads “WEIGH-IN/CHECK-IN”. Checking-in is the only way that we must confirm all teams get off the lake safely. For teams who have fish to weigh, they MUST check in by the time noted on the Tournament Information Sheet and they will either receive a bag to go retrieve their fish or they will wait there until empty bags are available. For teams who did not catch fish, they still must check-in and leave one of the wrist bands with the check-in official. This shows us the team did get off the lake safely AND it gives the team points for participating even if they did not catch fish.

What is a Boat check?

A mandatory Boat Safety Check is a boat inspection for teams who place 1st – 5th. Random spot checks for other entrants are possible as well. The inspection covers all safety equipment that is required (as per the rules) for all THSBA teams. A team that fails a Boat Safety Check will be disqualified and will lose their points and any prizes that would have been due to them. There have been numerous disqualifications in the past for such items as fishing licenses, fire extinguishers, etc. REQUIRED: Working fire extinguisher, working kill switch, working navigation lights, working live well, throw cushion, life jackets for ALL occupants, current boat registration, current liability insurance ($300,000 coverage), and current fishing license for anglers 17 & older.

What is an Official Practice Day?

This day will be the day before a Regional or State Tournament. On this day, all the THSBA tournament day rules must be followed as listed in the rules document. Only exception is that Captains can fish on the official practice day.

What do I need to do if I won a scholarship?

You need to claim the scholarship first. This is done with a scholarship document found on our website - Also read rule 30 for more details.

Do the Boat Captains need Insurance?

Yes. They will need to carry a 300,000-liability coverage. As outlined in the rules.

What is SafeSport?

The Safe Sport Act, which existing mandated youth abuse reporting laws and requires abuse awareness training for youth sports organizations. This new law mad it where every boat captain, observer, admin, volunteer for the organization has to be certified.

Do I need a background check?

Yes, all admin, boat captains, observers need one. This is normally handed through the school organization. They may or may not have details on testing.

Do we need to have passing Grades to fish?

Yes, all anglers must be passing all classes they are enrolled in. Team Advisors are accountable to ensure all competing student anglers from their respective schools are meeting this requirement for eligibility.

How do I sign up for a tournament?

All tournament registrations must be submitted through the student anglers profile only. Only one student per team has to sign up their team for each tournament.

Who can captain a solo angler WITHOUT an Official Observer?

Only a parent (including a step parent) may captain their child solo without an observer. All other captains of solo anglers is required to have an Official Observer in the boat during tournaments and days deemed “Official Practice Days” by the THSBA.

What is a tournament “Buy-In” and are they allowed?

A tournament buy-in is paying for a tournament with no intention on fishing in the event. They are not allowed in any THSBA event. AOY points must be earned, not paid for.